Replacement blade for Shinto Planer Saw Rasp

Replacement blade for the Shinto Planer Saw Rasp

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  • Replacement blade for Planer Saw Rasp
  • Japanese Saw Rasp - Made in Japan
  • Made of 10 riveted double sides saw blades
  • Non-clogging design
  • Double sided – Coarse(11 teeth per inch) and fine side(25 teeth per inch)
  • Designed to remove wood on the push stroke
  • 10” (255mm) blade length

Replacement blade for Shinto Planer Saw Rasp.   Replacement blade can be used by itself without the planer.  Works great when the handle gets in your way or when a smaller rasp is needed.  One side is a coarse for rapid wood removal and a fine side for the finishing cuts.  The unique saw blade design eliminates clogging and will save you a lot of time.