GOTOH SG360-07-MGT Locking Tuning Machine w/ Small Knobs - Individuals

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Guitar and Bass tuning machines are sold by the side of the headstock they are mounted when viewing from the front. Left or Right side is not the same as left or right handed. Please remember this when placing your order.

  • GOTOH SG360-07-MGT Locking Tuning Machines
  • Sold Individual for replacements and for custom post configurations
  • Small metal knob
  • 14:1 tuning ratio
  • 24.5 degree offset mounting hole (the mounting hole is located 24.5 degrees from the vertical center of the string post)
  • Available in 3 string posts lengths (Short, Long, and Ex-Long) for creating staggered post heights
  • ROCK-SOLID posts prevent the rocking of string post
  • LUBRI-PLATE lubrication for smooth action and longer life
  • NEW MAGNUM-TRAD Traditional style locking tuner with thumbwheel
  • Includes bushing and mounting screw

The GOTOH MG-T uses an intuitive rear mounted thumbwheel locking mechanism for fast string changes.

Available in 3 string posts heights for creating a staggered string post arrangement that will give better tuning stability and increased pressure at the nut for better tone. Most guitars with the standard 3 x 3 configurations will use the standard 20mm long posts. Guitars with inline tuning configuration will 3 - 20mm long and 3 - 18.5mm short posts.  Please double check your headstock thickness since some guitars with thicker headstocks, like ESP/LTD guitars with inline tuning machines, will require 3 - 21.5mm Ex Long and 3 - 20mm long posts. The 18.5mm posts can be installed on a headstock with the maximum thickness of 14.2mm (9/16").

**The maximum string diameter that the MG-T can except is 1.8mm or (.070"). This should be considered if you are installing them on an 8 string guitar with heavy bottom strings.

Locking tuning machines will use a shorter post than non-locking tuning machines. The string posts are on average about 1/16" (2-3mm) shorter so you will have the proper downward pressure at the nut and increased tuning stability.

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    Fantastic tuners

    Posted by John C. on Oct 7, 2019

    My old late-80's ESP Maverick came with black paint and all-black hardware, mostly made by Gotoh. In 2008 the guitar was upgraded to all gold hardware. Now it has been upgraded with locking tuners. I stuck with Gotoh Minis, since the guitar's original tuners were such, with ESP's name on them. Despite the advice to use staggered tuners on ESP/LTD guitars, I chose "long" post tuners for all six inline. I chose this due to the string retainer tree position being low to allow the strings to make full contact with the locking nut. That, combined with the angled headstock, proved no need for staggered height tuners. These tuners are working beautifully and look fantastic on my guitar. I should have upgraded to locking tuners years ago.


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