GOTOH SG360-07- Tuning Machine w/ Small Knobs - Individual

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Guitar and Bass tuning machines are sold by the side of the headstock they are mounted when viewing from the front. Left or Right side is not the same as left or right handed. Please remember this when placing your order.

  • GOTOH SG360-07 Tuning Machines
  • Sold individually for replacements and for making your own custom configurations
  • Standard non-locking string posts
  • Small metal knobs
  • 14:1 tuning ratio
  • 24.5 degree offset mounting hole (the mounting hole is located 24.5 degrees from the vertical center of the string post)
  • ROCK-SOLID posts prevent the rocking of string post
  • LUBRI-PLATE lubrication for smooth action and longer life
  • Includes bushings and mounting screws

This listing is for individual SG360-07 tuning machines.  See our other listing for pre-configured sets.

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