3 Peaks fret pullers

Fret Puller Pliers for guitar and bass - the best available

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  • 3 peaks  - Fret Puller
  • Made in Japan
  • Precisely ground 10mm jaws
  • Overall Length approx. 6” (150mm)

These are the best fret pullers available.  The narrow jaws work better than other fret pullers on radius fretboards.  With the shallow angle of the jaws you will wedge the frets out of their slots slower and have less fingerboard chipping.

Remember these are for pulling frets and not cutting.  DO NOT USE TO CUT FRETWIRE. 

In order to pull frets cleanly it is recommended you use a soldering iron to heat the fretwire.  This will help soften the fingerboard and loosen any glue that might be holding the frets.   

After heating the fret, you will be using the pliers to pinch the frets out and not pull the frets.   Each squeeze of the pliers will wedge the fretwire slowly out of their slot.  Make sure that the face of the pliers stay in contact with the fingerboard at all times.  Continue walking the pullers from one end of the fret to the other while slowly squeezing the pliers to remove the fretwire.  Go slowly so you won't have any chipping problems.

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    Great Pliers

    Posted by ejism on May 13, 2017

    Very good quality. Made in Japan. Well worth the cost.

  • 5
    Worth every penny

    Posted by Erik on Apr 15, 2017

    These are the first pair of fret pullers that I've ever bought. I was hesitant to buy them at first until I saw a review from a local pro. Thanks to his review I bought them and I was able to pull all 24 frets from a practice neck with ease.

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    A+ Quality

    Posted by Mike Reynolds, San Jose, CA on Mar 11, 2017

    These pliers are worth every penny and more. As soon as I opened saw them I could tell they would work the way I need them to. The edges are sharp and finely honed. They come together with no gaps and the angles are perfect for getting under the fret without maring the fretboard. These are of the finest quality.

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    Yes, they are the best!

    Posted by Steve on Dec 27, 2016

    Ok, when somebody says "best" I am always skeptical. But in this case, they aren't kidding. I have used and made a few different fret pullers, but these kill them all. I could tell that even before I bought them, by looking at the photos. If you're going to re-fret some ebony boards, you need these. Don't expect miracles, you might still get some minor chipping on a dried older ebony board, but this tool will keep that down to minimum as best as can be expected. They're not cheap, but worth every penny!

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    Simply the best

    Posted by Edward on Dec 9, 2015

    Local pro damaged his one and only guitar by dropping it.
    He is not know to be a patient guy, I pulled the damaged fret without heat and it walked out perfect on a rosewood board with no chips.
    Had him up and ready two hours before his gig that night.

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    Hands down, this is the best tool

    Posted by Edward on Nov 15, 2015

    Throw away those $5.00 nippers that you ground down. This puller is superior and gets under the edge of the fret even if the fret is seated flush
    with no bend. Easier to walk the fret out too.

    Thanks Kenny.

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    Posted by Alexander Boyarin on Aug 1, 2015

    These pliers makes those job exellent without dints and chips on wood. Comfort for working. Good steel's quality.

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    Believe the "best available" in the title

    Posted by Pete - Gunslinger Guitar Repair & Custom Shop on Jul 28, 2015

    These really are the best fret pulling pliers in existence. I'm actually repurposing my Stew Mac and other pullers just to justify their place in my shop because they are simply not even remotely close to the quality of these. I stripped an entire fretboard, with no chips, in under two minutes on the first use. I would recommend them to everyone.

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    Posted by Rogério de Oliveira Garcia Ro on Jan 11, 2014

    Olá a todos da Philadelphia luthier e todos àqueles que irão ver esta mensagem. Recentemente adquiri este alicate extrator de trastes, e estou muito satisfeito, realmente na minha opinião o melhor alicate extrator de trastes que já usei. De agora em diante a extração de trastes ficará muito mais fácil e profissional, sem lascar a escala do instrumento. Muito mais seguro agora com esta ferramenta. Abraços a todos.


    Hello to all of Philadelphia luthier and all those who will see this message. Recently got this puller pliers frets, and I'm very pleased, actually in my opinion the best puller pliers frets I've ever used. From now on the extraction of frets will be much easier and professional, without chipping the scale of the instrument. Much safer now with this tool. Hugs to all.