Fret Puller Pliers for guitar and bass - narrow version for tighter radius fingerboards

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  • HOSCO TL-TC5 - Narrow version
  • New 5mm narrower jaws for working with tighter fingerboard radius
  • Made in Japan
  • Precisely ground 5mm jaws
  • Overall Length approx. 6” (150mm)

These are the best fret pullers available.  The new narrow 5mm width jaws work better than other fret pullers on tighter radius fretboards. With the shallow angle of the jaws, you will wedge the frets out of their slots slower and have less fingerboard chipping.

Remember these are for pulling frets and not cutting.  DO NOT USE TO CUT FRETWIRE. 

In order to pull frets cleanly it is recommended you use a soldering iron to heat the fretwire. This will help soften the fingerboard and loosen any glue that might be holding the frets.   

After heating the fret, you will be using the pliers to pinch the frets out and not pull the frets.   Each squeeze of the pliers will wedge the fretwire slowly out of its slot. Make sure that the face of the pliers stays in contact with the fingerboard at all times. Continue walking the pullers from one end of the fret to the other while slowly squeezing the pliers to remove the fretwire. Go slowly so you don’t have any chipping problems.

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