Diamond Offset Fret Crowning File - Dual Width - Medium/Wide(Jumbo) - 300 grit

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  • Offset Diamond Fret Crowning File - Dual Width
  • 300 Grit – good overall grit for general crowning
  • Dual Sided with 2 widths
  • Works with Medium, Wide and Jumbo Fretwire
  • Steel body with concave grooves coated with industrial grade diamonds
  • Overall dimensions is 8 ½” x 7/8” x 3/16” (217mm x 22.9mm x 4.3mm)

Offset fret crowning file will have improved clearance over the guitar body especially when working on acoustic guitars.

Diamond files will cut in both directions, cut faster and don’t chatter or leave chatter marks.   

For beginners we recommend the 300 grit diamond fret crowning file because it’s not as aggressive as the 150 grit file.

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  • 3
    First time owning this product. It worked ok...the grit I used was adiquit.

    Posted by Richard on May 20, 2023

    The file worked as it should. I feel it is designed for tall/ jumbo frets.

  • 5
    Diamond fret crowning file

    Posted by Mike Sullivan on Feb 2, 2023

    This file works great. Best file I've found. Cuts quickly and smoothly. The curved ends make it easy to get the upper frets without hitting the guitar body.

  • 3
    Diamond File

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 14, 2021

    The edges of the file were rough. I had to smooth those before I could use the file. I was unable to round the frets and leave a small line on top. There must be a technique to this that I have yet to master.

  • 4
    Great deal, but....

    Posted by Levon Campbell on Aug 5, 2020

    As a previous buyer mentioned, the edges of this tool are sharp and jagged, one small error to the left or the right and your fretboard will be trashed. Before using it I finish filed/sanded and polished all necessary surfaces. I was happy to get a deal on this file, but would still buy if it was listed more accurately as B-stock in need of finessing before use.

  • 5
    great crowning file

    Posted by sammy on Jun 8, 2020

    great crowning file for the price! very small learning curve using this!

  • 5
    Diamond Offset Crowning File

    Posted by repairguy007 on May 25, 2020

    Works great.

  • 4
    Good Tool but there is a technique to it

    Posted by RG570 on Oct 26, 2019

    First off 4 star rating because the edges of the file are pretty sharp and will scratch your fingerboard if not careful. Tape it up and make sure the edges do not touch the fingerboard. If you just press straight down on the frets, especially with narrower fretwire, you will get a more flat-topped type of crown with this. The trick is to work one side of the fret at a time. Tilt the file to the right a bit and push back to the left a bit while sanding, working the right side of the fret. Then tilt it to the left while pushing pressure back to the right, sanding only the left side. This will give you a more rounded profile while keeping the file from touching the top of the fret. This thing cuts very fast, even for a 300 grit. Still, the scratches it leaves are easy to buff out during polishing. All in all a quality tool that is worth the price.

  • 5
    Time saver

    Posted by REV on May 17, 2017

    I have been using a 3 corner file to restore the crown after leveling which has produced great results. But this sucker does the same thing AND WAY FASTER,so be careful not to remove too much and accidentally grind the top of your newly leveled frets......all and all EXCELLENT product. Totally worth every cent!!!

  • 4
    Great tool but needs finishing

    Posted by Brad Brock on Nov 20, 2015

    I love the price for this file so I bought it. The file works as advertised, but the finish on the file was uncomfortable to handle. It felt and looked like a draw file finish on the side panels. That combined with the rough surface of my hands made it awkward to hold. Here is how I fixed it - I buffed it out just like I would frets, starting with 320 sand paper and stopped at 3000. Now it's a pleasure to use. I'm glad I took the 20 minutes to smooth it all out. Now it doesn't mark the wood at all.


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