HOSCO - Nut Work Table - A Nut and Saddle Shaping Tool - Plastic Body

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  • HOSCO Nut and Saddle Work Table - H-NWT2
  • Wear-resistant, self-lubricating POL Resin plastic body
  • Includes pre-installed 600-grit diamond sheet sanding surface
  • 3 different areas
    • Top area for flattening work
    • Middle area with 90-degree sanding area for saddles and thin nuts
    • Bottom area with 90-degree sanding area for nuts
  • Size:  Approx. 7" (180mm)  x 2 3/8" (60mm) x 5/8" (15mm)

Hosco's Original Nut Work Table is now made in lightweight resin plastic. Designed to help shape bone nuts and saddles. Makes it very easy and super quick to make bone flat and to create a squared bottom which is crucial for a perfect fit and great tone! A big-time saver!

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