Compensated Guitar Nut for Nylon string classical

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  • S.O.S. Sound Offset Spacer for Nylon string Classical guitars
  • S.O.S. improves the intonation at each fret
  • Easy installation to your guitar
  • Installs next to string nut
  • No permanent guitar modification
  • Designed and based on MTS theory(patent pending) to fit nylon string classical guitars

MTS is a new method to offset the string pitch for fretted instruments.  MTS derives the accurate offset value from the instrument's string height, scale, and stress of each string.

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    works a treat

    Posted by tom on Mar 6, 2018

    this product works really well - a lot of people seem to think that this only affects intonation at the first fret, but this is not the case: by effectively shortening the string the tension needed to get the correct pitch at the nut is lessened this means that the pitch is lowered at each subsequent fret it the fitting is followed by saddle adjustment then this pitch discrepancy decreases down to zero at the twelfth fret the overall effect is to distribute the inherent pitch errors across the whole fretboard, and at the same time minimising them to the point where they are insignificant this is better in my opinion than any fan fretting, staggered fretting or other fiddly solution - cheap, cheerful and effective!

  • 5
    Great for nylon string guitars!

    Posted by George Wrigley on Feb 17, 2014

    This product really helps intone the guitar so the open strings are in tune with the notes all the way up the neck.


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