GOTOH GB 640 Bass Tuning Machine

GOTOH GB640 Res-o-lite Bass Tuning Machines Tuners - Preconfigured Sets

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Guitar and Bass tuning machines are sold by the side of the headstock they are mounted when viewing from the front. Left or Right side is not the same as left or right handed. Please remember this when placing your order.

  • GOTOH GB640 Res-o-lite Series Bass Tuning Machines
  • Sold in preconfigured sets - 4L, 4R, 5L, 5R, 2Lx 2R, 3L x 1R, 3L x 2R, 4L x 1R
  • Vintage plate style design
  • Large cloverleaf (elephant ear) tuning knob
  • 1:28 gear ratio
  • Standard Wind
  • Weight - 2.2oz (62 grams) each
  • Includes mounting screws and bushings

The GB640 is part of GOTOH's Res-o-lite series of super lightweight bass tuning machines heads. GOTOH was able to achieve excellent weight savings by using a special alloy call "duralumin". These lightweight tuning machines are able to help the tendency for bass guitars to "neck dive" and also make long playing sessions more comfortable.

Guitar and Bass tuning machines are described by the side the headstock the machine mounts to when the headstock is viewed from the front. "L" is left side and "R" is right side. Please remember this when placing your order.

This listing is for preconfigured sets. Individual bass tuning machines are available in another listing for a customer looking for a custom configuration or for a replacement tuner.

Weight comparison

Standard Fender Vintage spec tuning machines - 3.6 oz (102 grams)
GOTOH Res-o-lite Vintage spec tuning machines - 2.2 oz (62 grams)

These are a direct replacement for some Vintage Fender bass guitars.

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    great color - very weak screws

    Posted by Otter on Jan 28, 2021

    Love the look of these Cosmic Black tuners and they are super light! I've been building a P bass and these were the last piece of the puzzle. They fit great and look great.
    BUT.............. The screws that came with these tuners are extremely weak. I drilled pilot holes and was very careful when installing but every screw stripped and one actually broke off in the headstock. I was able to coax most of them out and use the screws from the OEM tuners, but the color obviously doesn't match. Maybe I got a bad batch, but it's really disappointing to spend that much money and have such weak screws.