Vintage PAF Pole screws 1010 steel - Nckel - Qty 60

Humbucker Vintage PAF Fillister Pole Screws Nickel plated Qty 60

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  • Vintage PAF fillister pole screws
  • Made in USA
  • 1010 steel
  • Nickel plated
  • 5-40 x 3/4" threaded
  • Qty 60

There are slight differences in shape between these and our standard pole screws that make this one closer to the vintage PAF pole screw. The noticable differences are a slightly smaller "cheesehead", non-tapered not self tapping threads, and a circular indentation on the bottom of the screw.

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    slot problems

    Posted by y.abe on Aug 5, 2020

    Burr during slot processing is not removed and remains on the entire edge of the slot. Due to that, the screwdriver cannot be inserted or is very tight. This is a problem with the version I got last month. The version I got a few months ago was fine, but the current version is not a vintage size.

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    They fit foreign pickups

    Posted by Joel Middaugh on May 11, 2019

    If you have some "muffled" sounding pickups, possibly made in certain foreign eastern countries, your choice of magnet, maple spacers, new keeper bars, and these screws might be the trick. I did some experimenting and these components, without changing the slug poles, really brought out the clarity and let my cheap pickups breathe. I should specify that I wouldn't have bothered but, while muffled or weak sounding, these pickups were very well constructed, potted and all of these parts were simple to swap out. These screws fit tighter than the original screws if you are worried about microphonics, I notice no new feedback. If you are wondering why simply swapping one set of pole pieces or a keeper bar for another would even matter, well, metal from China is somewhat suspect. It is a marked improvement and I did each pole screw individually to hear the difference between the new screws and the old ones. I also installed these before swapping any other components. Overall at the very least it was a fun and relatively cheap experiment, and I think the pickups sound better for it. After all they weren't horrible before, just "blanket over the amp" pickups. Unless your guitar is putting out odd uneven harmonics or "wolf" tones, or you want a different output level, I wouldn't swap your pickups out, and even then I would talk to an expert first, but then, I'm pretty poor.

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    excellent quality and price

    Posted by Schuyler Dean on Jul 11, 2017

    better quality than PP-1911, worth the extra money, and they still won't break the bank.