ESP Multi Spanner wrench

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  • Genuine ESP Multi Spanner wrench
  • Approximately .075” (1.9mm) thick
  • Easily fits under most knobs
  • Polished Steel

The ESP Multi-Spanner wrench easily tightens and loosens jacks, pots, switches, and tuners.   One side is for tightening and the other is for loosening.  The ESP multi spanner is the perfect size to store in your guitar case to tighten those loose control pots, jack, switch and tuners.

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  • 5
    ESP Multi Spanner Wrench

    Posted by Jeff on Oct 27, 2022

    This wrench made it easy to remove the poker chip on my Gibson SG.

  • 5
    This tool has good teeth

    Posted by A European Guy on Sep 26, 2021

    I don’t use this tool very often because I always prefer to use wrenches of the right size (imperial or metric). However this tool is needed for thumb screws. This type of tool can be found in many different places but they are not always machined in order to get teeth with a correct orientation: these other cheap tools will slip and scratch whatever stand in their way. However the tool sold by PLT-S has sharp teeth and they are oriented. So it will not slip away (if held firmly of course). This is the main point. This tool is made in some molded alloy, and unfortunately, the outside edges of the plate (not the base of the plate) showed a line joint. I guess one could do with this line joint, without any particular problem. However I filed and sanded these edges to get them smooth. In my opinion, it’s worth 4 stars before some filing and 5 stars after some filing. Because, in the real world, this tool works very fine with thumb screws that are tight and not meant – despite their name – to be unscrewed and screwed with the fingers. I use it on Gibson guitars for instance.

  • 4

    Posted by Christoph Schultz on Dec 6, 2020

    Great tool for Les Pauls, it does slip a little bit, but if you're careful you'll be fine

  • 5
    ESP Multi Spanner wrench

    Posted by Jagrod on Apr 17, 2020

    Great quality product. Works very good.

  • 4
    Would be 5 stars if not for price.

    Posted by Dave on Nov 11, 2017

    Great little tool. Lots of copies out there, but ofpoor metal quality and sharp edges that could damage a finish. It's very handy, I use it often. Drop the money and get one. It should be in every Guitarist's tool box.

  • 5

    Posted by Richard on Jan 10, 2017

    Great tool for quick tightening nut on guitars


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