Multi-purpose guitar nut cube for repair of loose control nuts.

Multi-purpose guitar nut cube - 5 in 1 handy shop tool

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  • Multi-Purpose guitar nut tool
  • Hosco Brand - Made in Japan
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel - .035"(.9mm) thick
  • 10mm : for mini potentiometers / blend pots / Gotoh SG series
  • 11mm : for potentiometers / push-pull control pots
  • 1/2" : for CTS potentiometers
  • 16mm : for knurled nut of Japanese toggle switches
  • Multi : for knurled nut of U.S. made toggle switches or others
  • 1 1/18" (30mm) square

You will find many uses for this versatile tool around the shop.  Keep one of these in your guitar case for emergency work on your guitar.  This tool is strong enough to be used to remove stubborn knobs.