Hand Held Fret Press with 4 neck suppprt cauls

Hand Held Fret Press - Inserts not included

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  • Handheld Fret Press with 4 neck support cauls - No inserts are ncluded
  • Quality construction for years of use
  • Easy one-handed use
  • Pliers lock for gluing in frets
  • Compatible with Stew Mac Fret Press Inserts
  • INSERTS NOT INCLUDED - Inserts must be purchased separately!
  • Includes 4 removable padded neck support cauls
    • Standard for guitar or bass
    • Wide curved for classical
    • Narrow for ukelele, banjo, and mandolins
    • Flat for bolt-on neck heel

The Hand Held Fret Press makes installing frets easy with its simple one-handed operation. The sliding neck support and adjustable caul height will accommodate most instrument necks.

The self-leveling caul will accept our fret press inserts(sold separately) as well as ones sold by other luthier tool suppliers.  

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    Works, but damaged my #1 Les Paul

    Posted by Pete on Jul 19, 2018

    While the tool gets the job done, it leaves much to be desired. I believe another reviewer stated that the caul is not properly secured.. that is 100% true. There's so much side to side play in the caul that it tempts the tool to press at an angle. Before using it again, if I actually do, I will have to fabricate a solution to this problem. The metal is also junk, but it works.

    The bigger issue is that the neck supports are so poorly padded that I now have large impressions in the neck of my prized #1 Les Paul Standard which is absolutely infuriating and truly unforgivable. I am EXTREMELY disappointed that this aspect of the design was so very poorly engineered. In retrospect, I feel that this is one occasion where I would have spent more than double on the Stew Mac tool had I known I'd be harming my #1 guitar for the past 13 years, and honestly, as a regular customer of Philly, I'd appreciate a refund or some sort of compensation for the damage.

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    "Sloppy Gripping" Update

    Posted by ejism on May 14, 2017

    Biggest issue with this press is the poor fitting rivets on the upper jaw. So, I replaced the upper jaw hinge rivet (where the handle meets the jaw) and the caul rivet with bolt/nut/spacer. This secured the sloppy fitting caul and upper jaw making the press more stable. I then straightened the crooked upper jaw so it lined up with the lower jaw. I found no problem with the lower jaw assembly. So far the modified press seems to be working fine. If you don't mind doing a little modifying, you can make this into a decent fret press at a fair price.

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    Sloppy Gripping

    Posted by Unknown on May 13, 2017

    When clamping a new fret, these pliers twist. Kind of like a cheap pair of vice grip jaws twist, compared to a more expensive pair. First I added a spacer washer to the upper cawl to keep it straight. That's when I noticed that the pliers were also twisting. I know these are less than half the price of the "other guys" clamp, but I was still expecting better than what I got.
    Can't recommend.