Vintage Correct Bell Hat Knobs Black with Silver Reflector US Set of 2

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  • Vintage Correct Black Reflector knobs with a lightly aged look
  • Set of 2 (1 Volume/1 Tone)
  • Aftermarket part -not Genuine Gibson® part
  • Black w/ smooth silver reflector
  • Fine spline(knurling) USA models. 20 splines on the control(10 on each side of the split)
  • Please see product pictures and read the description below for examples of controls these knobs are designed to fit**

A lot of research was done to make sure they replicate the original reflector knobs from the 1950s-1960s. These are made with a lightly tinted plastic and silver reflector with light scuffing to replicate the vintage knobs. Lightly aged.

**To make sure you are ordering the correct knob for your guitar look at the underside of your knob and compare it with the one pictured. The difference would be how far the knob sits above the guitar body when it's installed. Many vintage Gibson® guitars have knobs that sit about 1/8" to 1/4" above the body. Many new models (except Gibson® Historics) have knobs that sit flush with the body. 

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  • 5
    Aged Gibson-style reflector knobs

    Posted by Steve on Apr 15, 2023

    These are pretty authentic-looking, however note that they are like the early-60s knobs with the shallower shaft hole, so they ride higher on the shaft than most reflector knobs. Great for an early '60s Gibson, but not quite right for my '71 Les Paul, although no one but a gear freak would even notice the difference. They definitely are more authentic than the cheesy reflector knobs Gibson and Epiphone use on most of their '60s reissues nowadays.

  • 3
    Look great but don't last

    Posted by Dallas on Jan 21, 2023

    This is the second set I've bought from PLT and both immediately started losing the reflectors. A little drop of superglue fixes it pretty quick, but I have actual vintage ones that are chipped and broken with the reflectors still in place. Gotta get better glue!

  • 4
    Vintage correct black bell hat knobs

    Posted by Christopher on Dec 27, 2022

    These knobs looks perfect with an yellowed color to the clear, but the reflector fell off, and they're out of stock.

  • 4
    Very cool knobs

    Posted by Rob Jones on May 31, 2022

    I was extremely curious, so I bought 2 sets of these and 1 set of the "regular" 4-pack (I needed 4 matching knobs for a Les Paul). It would be hard to tell from far away, but up close there are subtle differences. The reflectors on these are much shinier, the amber colored numbers (it's subtle, but they're definitely not as bright white as the other set), and the shape is slightly different. These are a bit more bell-shaped whereas the other set are a little more boxy (in other words, the tops of these have more of a taper, whereas the other set are more straight or cylindrical, and also the reflectors are slightly larger on the other set). When I put both styles on my Les Paul to compare, these looked way cooler so I decided to keep them. Again, nobody will be able to tell from the audience or across the stage, but I could see the difference so I'm glad that I tried these out. You could argue that they're not worth more than double the price of the other set, but I'm happy that I took the chance. They really make my Les Paul Special look complete.


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