GOTOH GE1996T Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo - Black

GOTOH GE-1996T Licensed Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge - Black

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  • GOTOH GE1996T Premium Tremolo guitar bridge
  • Made in Japan
  • Black finish
  • Hardened steel baseplate
  • Machined brass trem block - 3 different sizes available* - Measure before ordering
  • STUD LOCK - Patented
  • String locking nut sold separately**
  • Includes tremolo arm, spring, spring-holder, wrenches, stud-bolt, and screws
  • Original GOTOH packaging

The Gotoh GE1996T is the best of the high end licensed Floyd Rose tremolo models. Made with premium components…hardened steel baseplate, specially processed steel saddles, and machined brass trem block. Saddles are nicely rounded without any sharp edges. This is a very nice unit!

The GE1996T is a direct replacement for an Original Floyd Rose unit. Some modification maybe needed when replacing other licensed Floyd Rose tremolo models. Please check measurements carefully before ordering. 

Google is your friend…search for GOTOH GE1996T for additional information.

**Use the buy it now the locking nut and then ask for an invoice.  No additional charge for shipping when purchased together.

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    Gotoh GE-1996T

    Posted by Cam on May 21, 2021

    I replaced a double locking tremolo in my Ibanez JemJr with this trem. It not only stays in tune better, but sounds and feels better too! Gotoh makes quality parts and I highly recommend this tremolo!

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    The best a man can get!

    Posted by Jake Loera on Feb 11, 2021

    Yep,. Just like gillette razors. This brass block equipped beast has has amazing tuning stability,, sustain, made of STEEL and can take anything you throw at it.......literally! I ditched the floyd on my soloist and put this on. Will never go back to the floyd. Intonates easy, and when you tighten saddle's tight. Isn't going to strip out. Didn't think I was going to like the way the bar mounted but it ended up exceeding my expectations by being extremely smooth and noiseless. I will put this against any german made schaller floyd. any day if the week. The only drawback.......depending on the size of the trem cavity, you may need to route it a pinch because the locking saddle post of the low e may not clear depending on the intonation (saddle placement). No other issues.... PERIOD!

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    Best Licensed FR out there

    Posted by Carl Esparza on Jan 28, 2021

    It installed perfectly. It really is the best. I've been using FR trems since they came out. Thank you very much!

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    Gotoh GE-1996T Locking Tremolo Bridge

    Posted by Liz Livingstone on Dec 5, 2020

    Bought this for my son's Ibanez RG guitar. You have to cut off the ball end of the string which is the only imperfection in my son's POV. Otherwise it functions perfectly and the price is significantly lower than a Floyd Rose.

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    Great replacement

    Posted by Sean on Nov 7, 2020

    Used on a Dean ML to replace the licensed version that no longer held tune. Had to remove a little wood as expected and enlarge the post holes, but the bridge holds solid so far. Seems like great build quality. The only thing that surprised me was the height of the posts and inserts, I’m going to have to trim them shorter to get the action down a little more. Probably the one measurement I didn’t check before ordering

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    Gotoh ge-1996t

    Posted by William D.W. on Nov 7, 2020

    As all other Gotoh parts i use, like the 510 series tremolos and tuning pegs, the Gotoh double locking tremolo is the best I've come across. I also appreciate the more ergonomic details and lower profile that gotoh provides over the blockier "classic" design and the higher quality materials used.

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    Excellent Replacement!

    Posted by Mark Z. on Oct 16, 2020

    I got this to replace the "Licensed Floyd Rose" on my Kramer Pacer Classic. It was even easier to replace than I imagined. I opted not to use the Gotoh studs and stick with what was already in the Kramer. This saves a lot of time and effort if you are OK with the existing studs.

    The bridge went right in with no modifications needed. I took some quick measurements before I installed it and had to do very little setup.

    Bridge feels great and I think the guitar sounds better from the brass tone block.

    Also PLS had awesome service and confirmed my suspicions on keeping the old studs with my situation.

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    GOTOH GE-1996T...2019 version!

    Posted by shinster on Jan 18, 2020

    I've owned at least 5 of these in the last 20 years, and they've been terrific. It 'feels' slightly different than OFR or Schaller Tremolo ('FR 2?") both in terms of the actual action and tone, but it's great nonetheless. While the trem itself is a drop-in replacement, you WILL spend sometime working on intonation and action. The anchoring posts are not a drop-in replacement --- it'd require a luthier intervention to install them properly -- but if you're happy with existing wooden screws or inserts, use the "If it ain't broke..." rule. Also, the super tiny screw for the arm tension adjustment --- I've managed to unscrew it accidentally and lose it --- is something I recommend having spares of. It's available at hobby shops, known as "M3x3 grub screws" -- you can get a bag of 8 for about $3.
    Also note: the new 2019 version looks different from stock photos posted online --- the new version no longer has "Licensed...." and the Gotoh logo is a bit more visible. The black finish is almost mirror smooth. It also seems to be a couple grams lighter than old ones but that could just be from lighter screws, no idea. I assume the main chunk of the metal has not changed in its formulation over the years, or maybe it improved. Anyways.... I still believe that GE-1996's 1) arm tension adjustment screw, 2) straight knife edge on one side, and 3) spring securing screws onto the block, all are some of the best improvements to FR-style trems ever made.

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    GREAT Floyd rose replacement but requires some drilling and routing

    Posted by R on Feb 6, 2018

    I used this Gotoh to replace my Floyd rose special that did not stay in tune. It's cheaper than the standard Floyd rose by a lot and its the same quality if not better.

    Be sure to look at all the measurements.
    The mounting studs are bigger than the standard Floyd rose studs so you will need to drill bigger holes. The Gotoh is also slightly longer so some routing to the bottom of the guitar body will be required. Keep that in mind.

    It definitely feels heavy duty. The guitar has a nice clearer sound with more bass now with the Gotoh Floyd. The arm is bigger and doesn't hit against the body like the Floyd rose did. Gotoh has made some improvements with this over the Floyd rose.