GOTOH GE1996T Licensed Floyd Rose Bridge - Cosmo Black

GOTOH GE-1996T Licensed Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge - Cosmo Black

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  • GOTOH GE1996T Premium Tremolo guitar bridge
  • Made in Japan
  • Cosmo Black finish
  • Hardened steel baseplate
  • Machined brass trem block - 3 different sizes available** - Measure before ordering
  • STUD LOCK - Patented
  • String locking nut sold separately
  • Includes tremolo arm, spring, spring-holder, wrenches, stud-bolt, and screws
  • Original GOTOH packaging

The Gotoh GE1996T is the best of the high end licensed Floyd Rose tremolo models. Made with premium components…hardened steel baseplate, specially processed steel saddles, and machined brass trem block. Saddles are nicely rounded without any sharp edges. This is a very nice unit!

The GE1996T is a direct replacement for an Original Floyd Rose unit. Some modification maybe needed when replacing other licensed Floyd Rose tremolo models. Please check measurements carefully before ordering. 

Google is your friend…search for GOTOH GE1996T for additional information.

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    Best on the market

    Posted by Rob on Jul 13, 2017

    I've replaced 2 licensed Floyds with Gotoh's, both bought through this site, and they both perform great, definitely as good as the Original Floyd, but with a couple of better design updates... I prefer the pop in arm, and with the one straight knife edge it makes the Gotoh an easier fit to replace other units with... Best I can describe is that it takes the best feature on the Original Floyd Rose, and the original Ibanez Edge (which is also made by Gotoh), and molded them into one trem unit, without any of the perceived flaws. And Philadelphia Luthier Tools' price makes it even more appealing... Why get a Floyd Rose Special, when for roughly the same price you can get the Gotoh?

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    Better than the OFR and Schaller

    Posted by Ryan K on Mar 21, 2017

    I have heard many good things about the Gotoh LFR, but had never used one until now. The quality of craftsmanship is on par with the Original Floyd rose (I have several) and Schaller (I have used a few times).

    However, there are several improvements: The saddle design is stronger, in my opinion, and is very similar to the saddles on the Ibanez Edge (also made by Gotoh, and I own on a few guitars). The fine tuners operate very smoothly, and the feels is better than the OFR. However the BIGGEST improvement is the trem arm. It pops in, then you can can screw it down to your desired height. You can also adjust the tension on it to make it as loose or tight as you like.

    The "Cosmo Black" color is the same as the "Cosmo Black" color on Ibanez guitars (same manufacturer), and I am a big fan of the color.

    I purchased this to replace an ESP/LTD LFR in a project guitar. I measured prior to ordering, and it dropped right in. The claw screw holes were not a match, so I had to plug and redrill the holes on the guitar. However, I could have used the original claw if I desired. But I used to get this weird harmonic feedback caused by an odd resonance from the old guitar which I narrowed down to either the trem, springs, or claw, so I replaced all 3.

    The locking studs are great, but are larger than standard Floyd Rose studs, so it requires you to widen the holes slightly. I decided to postpone doing this and used the original studs. However, the Ibanez Edge uses the same locking stud design and I personally love it.

    The only draw back (for me) is this comes with the extra-power springs which remove the flutter from the bridge. The springs make the trem a little more stiff and "controlled." Many people like this, but I have a preference to the loose feel of the OFR and Edge so I may change the springs.

    I will eventually replace all of my OFRs with Gotoh LFRs, because the quality and design is just top notch!

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    Great upgrade from a Floyd Special

    Posted by Scott on Sep 25, 2016

    This trem sounds great with the brass block, and is a huge improvement over the Floyd Rose Special bridge. The strength of the metal used is night and day different and the bar's set screw is another added benefit. Add in the locking studs and you have a winner!