Locking Tailpiece Mounting Studs Posts with metric threads

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  • Metric Locking Tailpiece Studs
  • Made in the USA
  • Steel body and cap
  • 1/8” Allen wrench (not included) to adjust post height
  • Mounting studs with metric threaded M8 x 1.25 threads
  • 7/8" (22.4mm) thread length
  • Fits tailpiece with a minimum ears thickness of .250" (6.4mm)
  • Set of 2


To lock the tailpiece to the studs simply tighten the slotted cap. To adjust the tailpiece height, first, loosen the slotted cap slightly and insert a 1/8” Allen wrench (not included) through the top. Retighten the slotted cap once you reach the desired tailpiece height.

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  • 5
    Locking studs for wrap around bridge

    Posted by Brett Rosso on May 31, 2023

    Very high quality, improvement in tone, and stability. Bridge stays level,no more tilting.

  • 5
    Locking Tailpiece Mounting Studs Posts with metric threads

    Posted by Rob on Aug 17, 2022

    Excellent quality, finish, & tone. Increased sustain & improved tuning stability. A great inexpensive upgrade to my Ibanez AS73 Artcore. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Studly as hell.

    Posted by Adrock on Mar 19, 2022

    Good studs. Holds place while cranking top nut down.

  • 4
    Locking metric stud posts

    Posted by dhostak@yahoo.com on Jan 12, 2022

    Worked great on my cheapo Galveston travel guitar. The stop tailpiece is also the bridge, which leaning forward due to play on the original posts. I recommend putting a light oil on all threads of these posts as they can be difficult to loosen during the setup process.

  • 5
    Best mod for PRS SE wraparound bridge

    Posted by Juan on Sep 2, 2021

    Fixed my issue with my PRS SE wraparound angling up, plus added more resonance being made out of steel. Highly recommended for PRS SE wraparound. I put it on a 2014 Bernie Marsden model, kept the stock wraparound bridge and just replaced the posts. Posts are better than the stock ones. My guitar is alive now.

  • 5
    Fixed my PRS SE Soapbar II

    Posted by Steve Rolfe on Jun 18, 2021

    I got a great deal on mint PRS Soapbar. The only fly on the ointment was the infamous sitar sound caused by a tilted wraparound bridge. This was an inexpensive, unobtrusive and highly effective fix. Thank you, PLT for another innovative solution.

  • 5
    Locking tailpiece studs

    Posted by Phil on May 28, 2021

    I didn't know these existed-Ive always used washers! Found these for way less than competitors prices! I used these with washers to make a rock solid and straight bridge on my LP special! Great product,thanks!!

  • 4

    Posted by Steve Liberty on Apr 21, 2021

    I like the studds, and i will use them. But there is a flaw in the design. Turning the head can sometimes turn the whole studd. Otherwise a solid product.

  • 5
    Metric Locking Studs

    Posted by Zachary Wells on Mar 31, 2020

    Ordered these for my sg special as it had the infamous tilted bridge from the loose tolerances on the post, bad enough it gouged into the round part of the slot. Anyways these worked great, fit right in on the epiphone, not to long or short. Feels more solid than the old post, easy to use too and it’s really made a difference. It almost feels a little more responsive and a more solid high end, the e could get the sitar effect going at times and seems to be acting completely like it should now. Also helped intonation a bit. PLT was also helpful with my questions and quick on the responses and shipped fast, even with everything going on. I’d definitely order these or anything else needed through them.


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