GOTOH SD91 HAPM locking adj. height guitar tuners 6-inline Nickel

GOTOH SD91 HAPM locking adj. height guitar tuners 6-inline Nickel

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  • Nickel plated with nickel button keys
  • 15:1 tuning ratio and 6 right hand (tuners on left side headstock) inline tuning machines
  • GOTOH H.A.P.-M Post height adjustable and Magnum string lock
  • Vintage 11/32" headstock bushing holes required.  Will not fit guitars with screw in bushings without using conversion bushings(sold separately).
  • Includes instructions, bushings, and screws 

GOTOH H.A.P.-M.  Combining the ability of Post Height Adjustable and Magnum Lock.  Keeping the current function, locking stability has been improved with the introduction of new smaller string holes on 1st, 2nd and 3rd string posts.  Locking feature gives a machine head that is the perfect choice for flat peg-head guitars equipped with Vibrato.  Height adjustable posts take away the guesswork by allowing you to dial in the exact angle you need for, friction, string pressure/tension and open string sound and sustain.  Ideal for flat style peg heads when string trees need to be eliminated.

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    No string trees

    Posted by Joseph Wardenaar on Jun 14, 2020

    These work and look great. I installed them in a new old stock squier classic vibe 50s neck that I added to my Stratocaster build. They do the job, look great and I am very pleased to have eliminated the need for string trees.
    As mentioned in another review, the locking mechanism takes a little getting used to, but it's pretty clever and works well once you figure it out.

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    So glad you carry these

    Posted by Jake V. on Apr 1, 2020

    I have only positive comments on the tuners, they're built well, they're a little tricky to get them to start auto-locking but I bet I'll have that figured out as I use them more. They look fantastic and well I don't feel I could remove the 5/6 string tree, I could remove my 3/4 string tree. But even on the 5/6 the angles were much better and already I've noticed my tuning stability is better - I play my Strat in C# standard.

    My '98 Squier Stratocaster's existing holes and bushings worked fine though between 3 & 4 I had to find a bigger screw in my garage as the spacing between the holes is larger than on a vintage strat headstock, but that wasn't a huge deal. On my Squier the machines don't touch too close but other than that space between 3 & 4 it still worked. The #1 did extend out past the headstock because the Squier hole was drilled too close to the nut. Eventually I'll replace my neck with a 50's Fender Neck and these will go onto the neck and I'm sure they fill 100% perfectly. But I made it work with my Squier, but the tuners themselves are amazing!

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    Look good; great set of features

    Posted by Christopher Hagerty on Oct 13, 2017

    Gotoh makes great tuners. These give you a combination of great features in a truly vintage look. I want my guitar to look and sound like it is vintage but I want the best technical features I can get. The locking feature works really well although when removing the strings for a change strings sometimes snag. The locks work automatically as you tighten the string; it unlocks incompletely when you loosen strings. Sometimes you have to hold the tuner and loosen the lock a little more to dislodge strings. For the great look and operation, this is a small problem to me. The adjustable height feature is important to allow elimination of string trees which can cause loss of tuning, especially with tremolo use. I found that only Philadelphia Luthier supply has these in stock.
    5 stars for looking and working great for tuning and string installation. 4 stars for the occasional snag on string removal and expense.