Traditional Truss Rod Barrel Anchor - Brass

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  • Traditional truss rod treaded anchor nut
  • 10-32 threads
  • 1/2” (12.7mm) length x 3/8” (9.5mm) diameter
  • Brass
  • Qty 1 anchor nut (doesn’t include truss rod)

A traditional 10-32 threaded truss rod anchor nut for single action(one-way) truss rods.   Use with a 3/16” diameter steel rod, half moon washer, hex nut and a 10-32 thread cutting die to create a traditional style truss rod assembly.   Half moon washer and hex nut sold separately. 

The anchor is screwed on to the threaded rod and peened to secure in place.

This truss rod anchor is the same material and size used on Gibson® Historic reissue guitars.

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    product improvement

    Posted by on Jul 7, 2018

    Adding a score or slotted grove on either end of these barrel anchors which could be placed parallel with the threaded hole, would be very helpful for bolt alignment. These anchors often drop into round wells that are intersected by bolt holes through wood or metal framing, that sits 90° to the barrel anchors (nuts).


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