Flatwork Eyelet Setting ToolsPunch and Anvil

Flatwork Eyelet Setting ToolsPunch and Anvil

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  • Eyelet Setting Tool for pickup flatwork
  • Includes punch and anvil
  • Steel
  • Punch Length - 3 5/16" (84mm)
  • Anvil Diameter - 1 1/4" (32mm)

Tool used for setting the small pickup flatwork eyelets used on strat and tele flatwork. Includes anvil to prevent damage to work surface and damage to the eyelet.

TIPS for use: 

When using a hammer, a couple of quick sharp blows will give a better results.

While a hammer can be used to set eyelets, an easier and more consistant results can be achieved by using a drill press. Chuck the eyelet punch into the drill press(do not turn it on) and lower the drill to set the eyelet in one consistant motion. No hammering needed.