Trembucker Humbucker Pickup Cover

Trembucker Humbucker Pickup Cover

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  • Trembucker Pickup Cover
  • For Seymour Duncan pickups with trembucker spacing
  • 52.6mm (2.07") center to center outside pole spacing
  • Nickel Silver base material
  • Available in Raw (non-plated), Chrome, Gold and Nickel plating
  • Qty 1 pickup cover

Color Guide (not all finishs are available)

Gold - The exact color of gold can vary from batch to batch. Is not uncommon to find gold plating that ranges from an orange to a light yellow. Our gold pickup covers will be in the middle of the tint range.

Black - Typically has oil or silicone applied to get the smooth black finish found on black plated parts. When not oiled, it will appear to have a matte finish. 

Chrome - Chrome can be identified as typically have a slightly blue tint when compared to nickel plating. Chrome is a very durable finish and is what is typically used on most hardware except for old vintage instruments.

Nickel (plating) - Nickel when compared to chrome will have a slight yellowish tint. A softer finish then chrome and show age early with heavy use.

Black Chrome (similar to Cosmo Black, Black Nickel, Smoked Black Nickel, Ruthinum, etc) - This is a very interesting color. It is a very hard finish to take a picture of because of the way it reflects light. It can sometime appear lighter or darker depending the surroundings. Compared to Black, it is not nearly as dark and very glossy(reflective). Used on a lot of superstrat hardware from companies like Ibanez. 

Pearl Chrome - Pearl Chrome is another black finish but is very light compared to Black Chrome. It is almost like a slightly tinted black chrome .

Raw (No Plating) - This is a truly an unfinishined pickup cover. It is a pickup cover without any processing done so it can show light scuffing, scratching and oil from the manufacturing process. The look of raw covers can easily be changed by sanding to create a brushed look or light polishing to make them appear aged. Many will use also use them as is.