Magnet Pole Identifier - Polarity Tester

Magnet Pole Identifier - Polarity Tester

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  • Magnet Polarity Tester - Pole Identifier
  • Makes identifying the polarity of pickups and pickup magnets easy!
  • Working distance is approx .5" 
  • Dimensions - 5" x 1.5"
  • Plastic storage pouch included
  • Quantity 1

This simple and very effective tool will allow you to identify the poles of pickup magnets and check the polarity of installed pickups.

INSTRUCTIONS: Move the polarity tester near the magnet's pole and watch the little magnet orient towards the poles. The red end will point to the magnet's south pole and the blue end will point to the magnet's north pole. Do not let the tester touch the magnet since it needs to move freely to work properly. It only needs to be near the magnet To work correctly. Touching the polarity tester to the magnet will not damage the tester.

This pole identifier also helps to check if the magnets or the pickups were installed correctly on your guitar. No need to move or remove the strings.

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  • 5
    polarity tester

    Posted by William Thompson on Oct 9, 2021

    Works perfect, very reasonably priced!

  • 5
    Great simple tool

    Posted by Ryan Mazzocco on Sep 16, 2020

    There's really not much to it. It's so simple and easy but works perfectly as intended. I see no reason to spend money on one of the larger more expensive tools that do the same thing. Good product!

  • 5
    Polarity Test

    Posted by Charlie on Nov 7, 2019

    Handiest I've ever used for checking while pickups are still in guitar. This is especially handy for dual screw / dual slug / offset screw (3 on top 3 on bottom) humbuckers.

  • 5

    Posted by Aaron Dyson on Oct 7, 2016

    This is a great polarity tester.

    2 main reasons,

    1-Priced right compared to other sellers
    2-Get's right in there to test on your guitar. (I've had issues with bigger units in the past)

    If you like to tweak or build pickups this is a must.