Masker-Aide Masking Tape Dispenser

Masker-Aide Masking Tape Dispenser 1"

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  • MASKER-AIDE Fretboard and Painters Masking Tape Dispenser
  • Made in USA
  • Easier – No tearing with your fingers
  • Neater – Straight edges
  • Faster - No hunting for the end of the tape
  • Cleaner – Keeps tape cleaner by keeping it off your work bench
  • Safer – no metal parts to scratch your guitar or bass
  • Fits up to 1” wide roll with a 3” core

The Masker-Aide is a convenient way to hold your fingerboard masking tape.  The Masker-Aide will keep your tape handy and ready to use.  After dispensing tape, squeeze the dispenser to lock the roll will make cutting the tape easier.

**Note that the blue tape shown in photo is not included – it is for demonstration only.