FastCap Standard/Metric Peel & Stick 16' measuring tape

FastCap Standard/Metric Peel & Stick Measuring Tape for Luthier workbench, layouts 16'

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  • FastCap PMS-STICK 16 Standard/Metric Peel & Stick Measuring Tape 16 feet long
  • Dual sided – can be read left and right
  • 16’ long or can be cut it half for two 8’ on either side
  • Steel construction
  • 7/8" (22mm) wide
  • Standard US measurements and Metric on the same side
  • Includes SpeedTape for ultra strong bond

The FastCap Peel & Stick tape measure puts a tape rule right where you need it.  The flat 16’ long tape measure is printed on both sides allowing for left or right read.  Simply adhere the included SpeedTape to one side of the tape and stick it on!

This will work great for your guitar repair workbench, layout table, saw fences, custom jigs, etc.   The FastCap Peel & Stick Measure Tape can be used as a standalone flexible steel tape measure for layout work.  Can be easily cut with standard scissors.