Digital Nut Slotting Gauge

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  • Digital Nut Slotting Gauge
  • Machined brass base with slight arch to match most fingerboard radii
  • Accurate to .0005"(0.01mm)
  • Switchable between inch/mm
  • Available for Guitar and Bass
  • Base also available seperately
  • The digital nut slotting gauge allow for accurate measurement of string height at the first fret that can then be used to adjust the slot height. An easy way to record slot height when setting up multiple guitars for accurate and repeatable results.

    Base also sold separately so you swap the gauge for guitar and bass setups. 

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    • 5
      It saves my nerves

      Posted by A European Guy on Apr 2, 2024

      I’ve used feeler gauges for years and they work fine. However I know for sure false measures mainly come from handling errors. So for the action at the first fret, I used to try one gauge after another, again and again. With the same nervous question for the 12th time. Did the string move this time? Did it move or not? OK. Let’s try one more time… For sure, this digital tool saves my nerves. With this digital micrometer, you still need to be cautious when positioning the plunger. I like to look sideways to check if the tip of the plunger sits correctly on the string. But it’s so easy and so fast now to measure the action. 1s fret, 12th fret or above any fret. So it’s easy to file the nut slots at a proper height. Is it expensive? Of course it is. But less expensive here than elsewhere. Tip of the Day This digital tool needs a battery to work and it’s provided. To insert the battery, you must remove the back cover. Easy, isn’t it? Well… I unscrewed the back cover but it didn’t come off at first. I tried a few tricks but it still didn’t want to come off. Finally I used a good old trick: some strong tape on the back of the cover and it came off easily. In fact, there were a few small shavings that I finally filed down with some Swiss files. Now this cover always comes off when unscrewed. My rating: 4.6 / 5 (for the back cover and the tip of the plunger could be a bit larger)

    • 5
      Digital Nut Slotting Gauge Digital Nut Slotting Gauge

      Posted by Bill HInes on Nov 30, 2023

      This one is a lifesaver. It makes getting nuts slots perfect without messing with feeler gauges. It came in a nice padded plastic box for storage, with a battery supplied. I love it. I recently watched guitar videos where folks were using this tool to measure other areas of the fret board. I'm going to try that next. If I had to complain, you get a ding for no light. My old ass eyes cannot see pucky. Hehe, luckily I keep a lighted magnifier on an arm nearby. This is a high quality, precision tool. You should get one for yourself.

    • 5

      Posted by Darwin Kornowske on Nov 16, 2023

      Being entirely honest, I suck at using feeler gauges to setup a guitar. I can use them to setup valve clearances on a running engine, just don't have the knack for the guitar side of things... and the string action rulers don't really cut it, either, for me. Old eyes require 3x magnification on the glasses and it's hard to get that close to the instrument... This was the best solution, obviously. I've been able to use this, pretty much, like the G-TECH digital action gauge and generally setup neck relief and string action, in addition to the nut slot height. All with extremely good results on multiple instruments. It's a little harder to use as a digital action gauge but, it works without having to buy yet another tool and that's what counts. I have a few of these digital gauges for my mechanical work, one of which is extremely accurate. This one is very accurate, so no complaints there, and the measurements are repeatable, even after a power down. That's important. This is a great tool, at a great price. As good as the competitions which is considerably more costly! And, most important... CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWESOME!!! These guys are fast, thorough and take care of the customer, period! That, alone, makes this product a bargain at twice the price!

    • 5

      Posted by Raines on Sep 2, 2023

      Great quality tool for the shop and for a shop's patrons.

    • 4
      great tool

      Posted by Paul on Jun 25, 2023

      I thought I'd try it and now I use it all the time. Adds to anxiety though, now I can see the almost exact figure and trying to get it perfect is a never ending struggle. It's like painting a picture. You never complete it, you just stop painting. 4 stars only because it arrived with 1 screw missing. So it's not the tool, it's the package. Tool is great

    • 4
      Great Tool

      Posted by Derek Waterman on May 7, 2023

      Just line it up over the first fret, zero it and press the string down on both sides of tool. Very accurate. Only drawbacks are that it is difficult to zero it out without moving it and the display is a little difficult to see.

    • 4
      Digital Nut Slotting Gauge

      Posted by Danny on Apr 12, 2023

      It's well built and designed. Nice solid base which helps get a stable reading at the first fret. A point deducted though because the weight of the plunger is heavy enough to cause inaccurate readings by about .002-.003" on the lighter strings. In this case the action is actually higher than what the gauge reports, which isn't all bad as you definitely don't want to cut your nut slot too low here. While the measurement of the fret to string distance after the plunger is set may be withing the .0005"(0.01mm) accuracy advertised, the actual distance is not because the weight of the plunger pushes down on the string before a measurement is taken. But as long as you know this, it's still a useful tool.

    • 5
      Nut slot depth gauge

      Posted by Bruce Wayne on Oct 6, 2022

      This works very well!!

    • 5
      Digital nut slotting gage

      Posted by Roger on Jun 26, 2022

      The design of base is excellent


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