Vintage Telecaster Round knob for US/Mexican in Black

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  • Vintage Telecaster® switch knob with recess in top
  • Fits US or Mexico made Fender® guitars 
  • Black
  • Fits a flat blade switch that is approx. 3/16" or 4.9mm shaft size(please verify before ordering)

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    Vintage Telecaster Round knob for US/Mexican in Black

    Posted by ivan on Mar 3, 2021

    Rather than risk professional discredit putting this on any serious client's instrument I trashed it and went with a real Fender one, which are also crummy and also won't stay on without tape, but not as bad as this one and at least the Fender ones are standard size factory units. This one is totally loose on the post and will not stay on by itself. The diameter of the barrel is quite a bit too large compared to a real Fender one so it rests even closer to the volume knob which obviously makes avoiding jogging the volume knob when switching out of the bridge pickup harder. Brittle crummy plastic, too large/makes volume knob issue worse, loose fit so cannot stay on without shims. Could be used in a pinch with tape shims so I suppose it's better than no tip. I gave it an encouraging extra bonus "participation" star for that.

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    Tele selector knob

    Posted by Rishwan on Jan 2, 2021

    Quality product, nice tight fit

  • 5
    Nice vintage style part

    Posted by Jim Goins on Jan 6, 2017

    These switch tips are a great fit for non import telecaster switches and are very period correct on old vintage style telecaster builds or to replace a cracked or missing tip. Philadelphia luthiers is a great place to find practically everything you need for that next project or repair job. Great service, prices and fast shipping, what's not to love.


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