Hosco VISOR-NS1 Visor Nut for Strat guitars

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  • Hosco VISOR-NS1 Compensated Visor Nut
  • For Strat Style Guitars
  • 1 11/16"(43mm) x 3/16"(5mm)
  • Slot width: 1/8"(3.2mm)
  • Pre-slotted
  • CNC processed
  • Can be used with 7.25″, 9.5″, 10″, and 12″ fretboard radius

The Hosco Visor nut is developed with the same technology as their S.O.S.(Sound Offset Spacers). Each string location is calculated by the MTS theory.

MTS theory succeeded in improving the pitch as correctly as possible with Japanese technology. Inventor, Minehara researched all kinds of problems between string tension and pitch gap. He tested various kinds of standard guitar strings in the world and checked these tensions in his lab. Finally, he derived one formula to calculate the corrected (offset) value from string material, guitar scale, and string height. The offset value means the adjustment length from the original scale length. Adjustment length is not the only distance between the nut and 12th fret but also the 12th fret to saddle for each string.

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    Hosco VISOR-NS1

    Posted by David Kear on Apr 8, 2022

    Here we have a permanent nut alternative to the Hosco MTS Sound Offset Spacer for Strat-type electric guitars. This works just as well and has the advantage that the slots can be filed as low as desired, though obviously not lower than the crown height of the first fret. Hosco have told me that if this product is successful for them, they will bring out a Gibson version. In my opinion this is a breakthrough product.

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