Preshaped bone nut for Fender guitars with curved bottom and slotted.

Bone Nut Pre Shaped and slotted for Fender® guitars curved bottom(7.25" radius fingerboard)

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  • Pre-shaped and slotted bone nut
  • 1 11/16" x 7/32" x 1/8"
  • Shaped and slotted for Fender® guitars with curved bottom(7.25" radius fingerboards)
  • Slotted for right-hand guitars
  • Natural bleached color - color can vary slightly
  • Allparts #BN0206-000 (bulk packaged)

These are pre-shaped and slotted bone nuts with most of the work done for you. These still require final shaping and deepening of slots and are not drop-in replacements. A proper setup is still required for the nut to perform at its optimum potential.