FastCap's HighBot Glue Bottle

FastCap HighBot 6oz Glue Bottle - Mid Size GluBot - Pocketable

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  • FastCap's HighBot Glue Bottle
  • FastCap brand
  • 6oz capacity - Mid size
  • Easy to squeeze
  • No drips
  • Easy to clean tip
  • Easy to fill
  • Tethered rubber cap

FastCap's pocketable GluBot small enough to fit into pockets and tall enough to make it easy to grab! The HighBot is an easy squeeze glue bottle that wont' drip or spill. Essential to any woodworker! Spill-proof nozzle sucks glue back into the bottle when squeezing pressure is released.

The GluBot line of glue bottles is an economical and less frustrating way to save on glue by purchasing woodworking glue in gallon containers.