Sintoms Zero Fret - NS - without Tang - Arc

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  • Sintoms Zero Fret - Nickel Silver
  • 25% Nickel Silver - Adamant Hard
  • Pre radius (easily conforms to fretboard radius)
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Precut at 2.75" (70mm)
  • Qty 1 - enough for one guitar

The Sintoms Zero Fret is a great addition to your nut. With the zero fret, the nut is only used to set up string spacing and the zero fret determines the string height. By doing so, the strings in an open position are in contact with your zero fret. When using the same material for the zero fret, you will have the same type of sound as when you are playing chords.

This Zero Fret is a revolutionary, patent-pending design by Sintoms. It comes without a tang and is asymmetrically shaped to be placed against your nut, with just a small stud to keep it in place. All done without removing the nut. The Sintons Zero Fret isn't shaped like a typical fret with the crown in the middle of its width. The Zero Fret is asymmetrically shaped to put the point of contact for the string at less than .02" in front of the nut. This slight shift can be adjusted by intonating the bridge saddles – although it is not usually necessary. 

This zero fret wire is ideal if you want to install a zero fret in an existing guitar. While easy to install, a slight modification is required so please consult a local luthier for installation to prevent damage to your guitar. Check out youtube for Sintom's video for installation instructions.

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