Sintoms Nickel Silver Repair Frets 18% NS *Wide Tang - .082"(2.08mm)x.043"(1.08mm)

Sintoms Nickel Silver Repair Frets 18% NS *Wide Tang - .082"(2.08mm)x.043"(1.08mm)

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    • Sintoms Fretwire REF208108e.h.
    • Qty 6 pcs (10 1/4" (260mm)) Approx. 5' (1560mm) total length
    • Made in Belarus
    • Extra Hard Nickel Silver (18% Ni)
    • Hardness - 150-160 HV
    • Dimensions - A - .082" (2.08mm), B - .043" (1.08mm), C - .100" (2.55mm), D - .025" (.63mm), E - .058" (1.47mm)
    • Please be sure to check the size before ordering

Replacement of old worn-out frets with new frets practically always leads to damaging and widening of fret mounting slots. As a rule, the tang width of modern frets is up to 0.5mm.  Mounting of a fret like this into a damaged wide slot results in a loose (diffused) sound of the musical instrument.

SINTOMS Ltd. has found a solution to this problem by offering a line of fret wire with a wider (up to 0.65mm) fret tang. 

SINTOMS repair frets are successfully used by luthiers for replacement of frets. They can also be used when some resistance of the neck’s deflection, caused by the tension of strings, is needed.