CTS 500k Long shaft Push Pull Pot

CTS Push Pull 500K Long Shaft Audio Split Shaft US Fine Spline Potentiometer

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  • Long Mounting Shaft CTS Push-Pull Pot
  • CTS 450S Series
  • 500K Ohm Audio Taper
  • 10% Tolerance
  • DPDT switch
  • 3/8" diameter mounting shaft
  • 3/4" (19mm) threaded mounting shaft
  • Fine spline split shaft (24 spline...20 countable)
  • Brass shaft
  • Includes locking washer, dress washer and nut
  • See images for detailed pot measurements

Quality CTS Push/Pull pot with side mount circuit board for wire connections. This allow for a 1" mounting depth without the wires getting in the way.