CTS 500K Balance-Blend w/ Center Detent Linear Split Shaft Fine Spline Pot

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  • Genuine CTS "Balance-Blend" with center detent control pot
  • 500K ohm Linear Taper
  • 3/8" diameter mounting shaft
  • Fine spline split shaft (approx. 20 splines)
  • Includes nut and washer

A balance blend pot is used to blend two pickups on a bass guitar and some electric guitars.

See images for detailed pot measurements.

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    It's CTS

    Posted by BT on Aug 12, 2017

    Not sure how much more obvious you can get. Great CTS quality. The lugs have nice large holes for large gauge wire or buss bar. The detent is there, but not so stiff that it's hard to traverse it. Works great on a 2 pickup guitar so that you can infinitely blend the combo of the two.


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