4 Conductor Mono/Stereo Acoustic Endpin Jack - Gold

4 Conductor Mono/Stereo Acoustic End Pin Endpin Output Jack - Nickel

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  • 4 conductor** 1/4" Acoustic End Pin Mono/Stereo input jack
  • Overall length 2 1/16" , 2 1/2" with rear cover installed
  • Thread length 1 1/8"
  • Requires 1/2" mounting hole
  • Includes nuts, washers, end pin cap, and rear cover
  • Nickel Finish

This 1/4" acoustic end pin jack can be tightened from the outside of the guitar.  End pin cap can be unscrewed to reveal nut for tighening.

**four conductor endpin jack allows two independent outputs & battery cutoff in a single TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) jack. Can be used to separate piezo and magnetic outputs.