Pinnacle Locking ABR-1 Bridge with brass saddles

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  • Pinnacle Locking ABR-1 Bridge
  • Made in the USA
  • Zinc die-cast body with brass non-notched saddles for custom string spacing
  • 2 7/8" stud spacing
  • 12" saddle radius
  • Available for:
    • SAE 6-32 bridge posts for Gibson Historic, reissue, ABR-1 installations
    • M5x.8 bridge posts for Modern Gibson, Nashville installations
    • M8x1.25 bridge posts for Epiphone LP, Import Nashville installations
  • Available in Chrome, Gold, and Nickel

The Pinnacle locking ABR-1 bridge mounts between the thumbwheel and locking cap to provide a positive transfer of tone to the guitar's body. Set it and forget it—there is no need to reset the bridge height or the bridge falling off the posts and damaging the guitar's finish when changing guitar strings!

  • The SAE 6-32 option includes the bridge, two steel thumbwheels, and two steel locking caps. You can use your existing posts or install them on SAE 6-32 conversion posts.
  • The M5x.8 option includes the bridge, two steel bridge posts, two steel locking caps, and two anchors/bushings.
  • The M8x1.25 option includes the bridge, two steel bridge posts, and two steel locking caps. Body anchors/bushings are not included. 

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