GOTOH EV510TS-BS-GG non-locking 2 point tremolo guitar bridge - gold plated

GOTOH EV510TS-BS Premium non-locking 2-Point Tremolo Bridge - Gold

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  • GOTOH EV510TS-BS Premium Tremolo guitar bridge
  • Made in Japan
  • Gold plated
  • Machined Chromium molybdenum steel base plate
  • Brass saddles
  • Machined Steel trem block
  • STUD LOCK - Patented
  • Includes Tremolo arm, spring, spring-holder, wrenches, stud-bolt, and screws
  • Original GOTOH packaging

The Gotoh EV510TS-BS is their top of line two-point non-locking tremolo guitar bridge. Made with the highest quality components…Chromium molybdenum steel baseplate, brass saddles, and machined steel trem block. The body and saddles have a nice unique shape without any sharp edges. This is a very nice unit!