GOTOH 510TS-SF2 Tradiional Tremolo Bridge

GOTOH 510TS-SF2 High End Traditional 6-point Tremolo Bridge Steel Trem Block

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  • GOTOH 510TS-SF2 (TS = Steel Trem Block)
  • Made in Japan
  • Available in Chrome (nickel plated saddles) and Gold finish
  • Traditional 6 point mounting system
  • Hardened (chromium molybdenum) steel base plate 
  • Machined Steel Tremolo Block
  • Bent Steel Saddles
  • 10.8mm string spacing
  • Includes Tremolo arm, spring, spring-holder, wrenches, and mounting screws
  • Comes packaged in original branded GOTOH packaging...not bulk packaged

The 510T series of tremolo bridges are Gotoh's pursuit of greater tremolo functionality. It has a low clearance arm system of GOTOH's own design. To help guarantee a strong and hard-wearing tremolo pivot point, an extremely resilient chromium Molybdenum steel was used for the bridge plate.