Precision CNC Machined Steel Tailpiece (Tailpiece only)

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  • Precision Machined Steel Tailpiece
  • Made in the USA
  • Steel - weight 3.3 oz.
  • Doesn't includes mounting studs or bushing
  • Tailpiece ear thickness is .290"(7.4mm)

Our precision machined series of guitar hardware is made in the USA and are available in Aluminum, Brass, and Steel. Each tailpiece is machined from a solid piece of metal billet.  For the little extra bit of coolness, the CNC machine marks are visible on the bottom of the tailpiece!

The precision machined Nashville bridges are available in the Nashville bridge category.  A selection of mounting studs and bushings can be found in our "Tailpiece Parts" category.  

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  • 5

    Posted by Sam Levander on Aug 6, 2023

    Simply the best sounding tailpiece around. Natural acoustic sonic balance, -trength, -clarity and sustain. Get the full range of theese with Hosco FIXER mounting studs.

  • 5
    Great Tailpiece

    Posted by Thomas on Aug 4, 2023

    Solid good sounding tailpiece

  • 5
    Tom steel stop bar

    Posted by Richard McGuigan on Mar 8, 2023

    Really made a difference. Can’t believe new le Paul’s come with zinc hardware.

  • 5
    Steel Tailpiece Upgrade

    Posted by N. Archer on Mar 14, 2021

    I had an LTD Eclipse guitar that was just a bit too dark and quiet (acoustically). It lacked the sustain and clarity my more expensive guitars have. I figured replacing the stock zinc TonePros tailpiece with steel might do the trick… However, I wanted to use the Faber Tone-Lock Tailpiece system, (I do not like a tailpiece falling off when strings are removed), so I contacted Philadelphia Luthier tools and they confirmed that the same tailpiece would work with both metric and imperial studs. So, I ordered the Faber metric kit (with steel bushings) and this steel tailpiece for my Korean-made Les Paul style guitar. It was a piece of cake to replace the TonePros tailpiece and bushings with the Faber / Philadelphia Luthier Tools combo and it accomplished exactly what I had hoped for. Acoustically, the guitar is as loud as my American made models now, it has more sustain, and it is both noticeably brighter and "woodier" at the same time. Before the upgrade, I was considering selling or trading the guitar, but now it is a definite keeper and it paired perfectly with the Faber Tone Lock kit. Faber only offers aluminum tailpieces - which I find to be quieter with less mids than steel. You should know what you want to accomplish before you change the metals used in your bridge and/or tailpiece.

  • 3
    CNC Machined Steel Tailpiece

    Posted by rooster on Feb 7, 2021

    This does transfer the string energy to the guitar body better than any other TP that I've tried (bell brass, aluminum, and zinc). But as nice a piece as this is sonically, it is not made as well as it could be. For example, having put only a few hours on the LPJr I put it on, the .009 high E string snapped right where it hits the backside of the TP edge as it begins it's wrap over the bar. This area is only a slightly rounded point and not *gently rolled* over as you will see in other American made TPs sold by PL. I'm not sure why this escaped the USA manufacturer's attention? Then there is the other issue with the *crown* of the TP. After these few hours of play, I started to hear the infamous 'sitar' affect on the high E string. It didn't start out this way but you have to remember that the plating will compress after some play time, and exactly where the vibrating string applies the most downward pressure on the TP crown. Having spent $85 for a custom machined steel TP you would think that this type of experience would have been avoided. If the crown been machined just slightly more 'peaked' this would not happen. To fix this I marked where the high E string lie on the backside of the TP and then notched a .014 groove that cut through the nickel, copper, and then slightly into the steel so that the crown was more accented. And it didn't take much but it had to happen if I wanted to continue using the TP. OK, so maybe this TP is not meant for a wrapover type guitar? Really? If true, that's a shame because the steel really delivers something special to a JR.

  • 5
    My Favorite Tailpiece

    Posted by dj1441jd on Apr 14, 2020

    I've used this model of tailpiece on several guitars. It brings out a clarity and definition of chords, and to my ears, makes the guitar louder acoustically. My most recent installation was on a Les Paul Junior with a noiseless P90. The addition of the tailpiece brought out some of the treble that was missing after installation of the noiseless pickup. These tailpieces are well made and do make a difference in tone.

  • 5
    Better Sustain and tone

    Posted by Joel Hansen on Feb 3, 2020

    The Pinnacle Stainless Steel tail piece alone will give your guitar more sustain and better tone over light weight aluminum. Combine this with the matching steel TOM Nashville bridge. Your Gibson Guitar will play and sound like the Great Guitar it was meant to be


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