GOTOH 303BO Res-o-lite bass bridge

GOTOH 303BO-5 Ultra-Light 5-String Bass Bridge w/ Brass Saddles

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  • GOTOH 303BO Ultra Lightweight 5-string Bass Bridge
  • Brass Saddles
  • Base plate made of special Duralumin alloy (Res-o-lite)
  • String to string spacing 18mm
  • Weight 5 oz (140 grams) Bridge only
  • Includes Allen wrench and mounting screws

The baseplate of the GOTOH's 303 series bass bridge is made of a lightweight duralumin alloy. Duralum(Res-o-lite) allows the string's vibration to quickly transmit to the body. Brass saddles enhance the tonal sound by creating a fuller even tone.