Metic M4 wire ABR-1 bridge

Tune-o-Matic Bridge METRIC m4 ABR-1 w/ retainer wire

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  • Metric wired ABR-1 bridge - will not fit a US Gibson guitar
  • Made in Japan
  • Comes with metric m4 post and thumbwheels
  • Without notches in the saddles for custom string spacing
  • Uses wire to keep saddles in place
  • M4 x .4 threaded post
  • 2 29/32" stud spacing
  • 12" saddle radius

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    Metric bridge with 4mm posts

    Posted by Audrey on Aug 4, 2021

    This bridge is OEM on many Japanese made guitars. I have bought several in the various color choices to replace old, sagging, corroded bridges. For the pirce they can't be beaten. Already has the 12 inch radius most of the guitars require, unlike the Gotoh, which requires you to file the saddles to 12".

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    The right one for japanase guitars

    Posted by Alejandro on Feb 8, 2021

    I have a Burny Les paul from the 80´s and it´s original bridge was bent producing fret buzz. I bought locally a gotoh replacement, but altought it fitted nicely it was flatter radius and did not like it much. I found this bridge and is the exact same bridge made in japan my burny came with.I´m really happy with it!

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    Very Sloppy Saddle Screws. Impossible for intonation

    Posted by Dallin Fort on Nov 14, 2020

    I wish I could send a photo with this review so you could see for yourself. The saddle screws on an ABR-1 have a recess for the spring and the bridge to fit in. This recess positions the saddle screw so it cannot move forward or backward. The screws on this bridge are machined with a very large, almost twice as long as it should be, recess on the screw. The saddle does not maintain position. The screw slides back and forth changing the intonation as you play. This makes intonation impossible. I'm going to check on the return policy and try to replace it with something else. The thread pitch is actually M4x.75, not M4x.4. The thumscrews are thin enough where they will fit M4x.7 threaded posts because the pitch is so close to the same. I like the thumbscrews. The bridge is junk.