GOTOH GE104B ABR-1 Bridge with M4 Threaded Posts

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  • GOTOH GE104B
  • ABR-1 bridge with 4mm post - these are not direct replacement for Gibson ABR-1 bridges
  • Available in Black, Chrome, Cosmo Black, Gold and Nickel
  • Notched hard zinc saddle
  • M4 threaded posts and thumbwheels
  • Stud spacing is 2 29/32"(74mm) and String spacing is 2 1/16"(52mm)  See pictures for the dimensional drawing of the item.
  • 400mm (15.7") saddle radius - notches can be deepend to adjust saddle radius

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  • 5
    Gotoh GE104B ABR-1 Replacement Bridge

    Posted by Dan Bobke on May 20, 2023

    Very nice small profile replacement ABR-1 bridge. The guitar I used this on has the larger M8 body inserts, so I had to buy new mounting posts with the M8 male side and the small posts on the bridge side. Plenty of room on the saddle throw to intonate with 10-46 gauge strings. If you don't want to change posts, consider the GE103 bridge.

  • 3
    Turned my 335 into a Banjo! No thanks

    Posted by Marque B on Oct 23, 2021

    It's well built, but sounds awful. It turned my warm and woody 335 into a metallic and hollow banjo. I don't know why nobody makes a metric spaced "vintage spec" materials etc abr. This is coming off my Orville by Gibson 335 and headed for the trash sadly

  • 5
    GOTOH ABR-1 Bridge

    Posted by Tony L on Jan 6, 2021

    GOTOH Products are simply the best. This bridge is fantastic. I'm converting an old Burny from gold to nickel hardware and this is exactly what I needed. I'm also a huge fan of Philadelphia Luthiers, great selection, excellent service. Thanks guys!

  • 5
    GOTOH GE104B ABR-1 Bridge

    Posted by andrea on Sep 7, 2020

    great product

  • 2
    Post fit

    Posted by Dallas Stumph on Nov 9, 2019

    The technical drawing leaves out a very important detail, the post is 4mm or .144 inches measured with calipers, but the hole in the bridge is 4.5mm or .177 inches measured with calipers. So it is a very sloppy fit. I had ordered this to replace a Nashville TOM on an explorer mainly for the Cosmo black finish, and to fix the string spacing because the pre notched saddles notch was so small it was like having an un-notched saddle. But the fit was so sloppy on the 4mm nashville posts that I am not comfortable putting it on there. After an extensive google search I have noticed that only a few people complained and the rest just said that the string pressure would hold it. Also, nobody makes a post that will fit snug. I find this extremely unacceptable because the supposedly crappy gibson nashville TOM fit extremely nice and snug on the factory posts and also fits very nice on the posts supplied with the Gotoh bridge. So I thought I must have a bad one. Well then I found a more detailed schematic drawing of the bridge on stewimac and saw that I was spot on with my measurements and that it was just designed super sloppy. So I guess all those people that rave about the Gotoh quality have just drunk the gotoh cool-aid and lost the ability to hear weather a guitar is in tune or not, because with the bridge this loose on the posts i can just rock my hand back and forth while pressing on it and get a nice mild tremolo effect. I guess you could go and pay another 300% for the same bridge from tone pros but they have solved the problem by putting a pair of set screws in the side to clamp onto the post. But hey, it makes perfect sense build a product with a glaring flaw then also sell said product from sister premium company with the solution to said flaw and create a supply and demand. On the other hand all the house brand and pinnacle stuff I have recieved from these guys has been fantastic. So stay away from the mainstream big names and buy the house brand products and you cant go wrong


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