Conversion Posts - Nashville to ABR-1

Conversion Posts - Nashville to ABR-1

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  • M5 to SAE 6-32 Conversion Posts
  • Made in the USA
  • Available nickel or gold plated
  • Available with or without thumbwheels
  • Posts - Steel
  • Fine knurled thumbwheels - Brass
  • M5 x .8 to SAE 6-32 conversion posts**
  • Post Length - 1 1/8" (29 mm)

These conversion posts will allow you to install a US ABR-1 bridge on a Gibson guitar that was originally equipped with a Nashville bridge.  Now you can have the same look as the original vintage Gibson guitars! These posts will screw directly into the original body anchors and leave you with 6-32 threaded posts like the original ABR-1.

Can be purchased with or without thumbwheels.

Check out our store for a selection of US ABR-1 bridges that will fit these conversion posts.

**These will only fit Gibson USA guitars and not the fake Gibson guitars from China!