Kirlin IPC-202B Instrument Cable

Kirlin IPC-202B Standard Cable Straight/Right Angle - Black

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  • Kirlin IPC-202B Instrument Cable**
  • Available in 10 and 20 feet lengths
  • PVC Jacket
  • Straight to Right Angle 1/4" Metal Mono Connectors with nickel-plated tips
  • 20 gauge CCAM(Copper-Clad Aluminum Magnesium alloy) conductor
  • CCAM spiral shielding with 90% coverage
  • Black

**Because of a recent change, the 20ft cables now have a nickel-plated body instead of the black body - new Kirlin part# for 20' cable is IPCC-202PN/BK. Everything is the same except for the color of the jack's body.