#5 threaded rod magnets

Threaded Rod Pickup Magnet #5 - M5x.8 x .63" length - Set of 6

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  • Threaded Rod Magnet #5
  • Metric M5x.8 threaded* x .63" length
  • .182"(4.6 mm) diameter
  • FeCrCo #5 - similiar strength to Alnico 5 magnet
  • Non-magnetized**
  • Qty 6

New threaded pole magnet for the construction of widerange style pickups or for coming up with your own pickup design! Sold to pickup makers that can construct their own bobbins.

*Looking for SAE 10-32? A metric M5x.8 is very close to a SAE 10-32. Close enough that our supplier does list these as 10-32. It can be hit or miss on whether these will thread into a SAE 10-32 tapped hole. It is best to use a m5 x .8 tap when using these threaded rod magnets. In most cases, these can be press fit or even make their own theads in a slug side plastic humbucker bobbin without any problem.

**These threaded magnets are supplied unmagnetized since some might want the slotted magnetized north and other end south.