Allparts Fret Tang Nippers

Fret Tang Nipper - Allparts

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  • Allparts Fret Tang Nipper
  • Works with all fretwire sizes
  • All metal construction
  • Approx. 7” (180mm) length
  • Allparts LT 4246-000

These high quality fret tang nipper are designed to remove the tang from fretwire for bound fingerboards.  Simply insert the fretwire into the guide notch and squeeze.  Cleanly removes the fret tang with only minor sanding need.

These will cleanly cut the fret tang on nickel silver, EVO, and Stainless Steel fretwire.  **Be warned that the manufacture doesn’t recommend these for use with Stainless Steel fretwire.  When cutting Stainless Steel it’s our recommendation that you take smaller cuts to prolong the tools life.