Smoked Black Nickel Zinc Diecast Tailpiece

"Smoked Black Nickel" Standard Zinc Diecast Tailpiece only Made in USA

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  • Standard Zinc Diecast Tailpiece
  • Made in the USA
  • "Smoked Black Nickel*" plated
  • Doesn't includes mounting studs or bushing
  • Tailpiece ear thickness is .280"(7.15mm)

These are made to fit USA Gibson® guitars and might not fit all imports guitars. example - most Gibson guitars have 5/16"(8mm) clearance on the studs. PLEASE CHECK BEFORE ORDERING!

*Black nickel plating can ranging from a dark “jet-black” to a light “charcoal/smoke gray” finish. The characteristics and appearance of black nickel plating is a function of the basis material and/or underplating that is plated prior to the black nickel topcoat.

**This is a light smoked black nickel and is similar to GOTOH Cosmo Black.  Please be aware that the shade of black nickel can vary between manufactures.   Please don't assume that it will be a perfect match for your existing black nickel hardware.