Chrome Aluminum Tailpiece without studs and anchors for US Gibson® guitars Made in USA

Chrome Aluminum Tailpiece without studs and anchors for US Gibson® guitars Made in USA

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  • Aluminum Tailpiece
  • Made in the USA - not a Genuine Gibson® part
  • Lightweight vintage design - weight is about 1.2 oz.
  • Chrome plated aluminum alloy
  • Doesn't includes mounting studs or bushing
  • Tailpiece ear thickness is .290"(7.4mm)

These are made to fit USA Gibson® guitars and might not fit all imports guitars.  example - most Gibson guitars have 5/16"(8mm) clearance on the studs.  PLEASE CHECK BEFORE ORDERING!

The aluminum tailpieces weight 1/4 that of the zinc and produce a much different sound. They transfer vibrations differently,  resulting in a woodier, more airy vintage tone -  richer, rounder mids but with more upper harmonics as well.  Back in the '50s, Gibson® used aluminum for their stop bar tailpieces. For whatever reason, they switched to zinc, which is still used today on all but the historic line.

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  • 5
    More than pretty good, excellent !

    Posted by Alexandre Pagliano on Dec 11, 2016

    This is really light and having bought and used many more expensive models as well as some vintage ones, I fond for 19 dollars this unlocks real value and is a great upgrade.
    Agree with the other buyer that if you wrap over you get the best results.
    You need more than just this one, Studs in steel and vintage lenght, thumbweel posts and thumbweels in brass, a real good and solid tuneomatic bridge.
    All together and you have a great upgrade even for custom shop gibsons.

  • 4
    Pretty Good

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 24, 2016

    Everyone says, "Get an aluminum tailpiece and find out how your guitar is supposed to sound." I think what they mean by that is that early model (vintage) Les Pauls had aluminum tailpieces that were later replaced in production with pot metal or zinc alloys (check me on that). I was top wrapping my stock tailpiece and liked the sound, then I got this one and noticed that it lifted the response to have a little less bottom, more airy maybe. A little nicer at the 12th fret too. I'll just say they are different, and I don't feel that one is vastly superior to the other. This is a great price on an aluminum tailpiece, and if you just want to try it, how can you go wrong? It's well made and light as a feather. I'm just saying it's not like night and day. I think my personal preference would rank this way: (1) top wrap the stock tailpiece; (2) top wrap this aluminum one; (3) standard string this one, and (4) standard string the stock one, which has kind of a bassy croak to it.