GOTOH GBR640 RES-O-LITE super light bass tuning machine set GOLD plated

GOTOH GBR640 Res-O-Lite Super Light Weight Bass Guitar Reverse Wind Tuning Machine GOLD

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  • GOTOH GBR640-L4-GG Reverse Wind
  • Vintage Spec Bass guitar tuning machine
  • Riveted cloverleaf (elephant ears) keys
  • 1 set of 4L inline tuning machine (tuning keys are on the left when looking at the front of the peghead)
  • Vintage style - REVERSE WIND tuning machine
  • GOTOH RES-O-LITE - Super lightweight bass machine heads
  • Gold plated finish
  • Original GOTOH packaging

Bass guitars with their heavy machine heads always suffered from "neck-dives".  The GOTOH RES-O-LITE was designed to solve this problem.  Made mostly from a special alloy "duralumin", an excellent weight saving was achieved.  

Weight comparison

Standard Fender Vintage spec tuning machines - 3.6 oz (102 grams)
GOTOH Res-o-lite Vintage spec tuning machines - 2.2 oz (62 grams)

These are a direct replacement for some Vintage Fender bass guitars.