GOTOH GB11W Bass Tuning Machine Tuner - Sold Individually

GOTOH GB11W Bass Tuning Machine Tuner - Sold Individually

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Guitar and Bass tuning machines are sold by the side of the headstock they are mounted when viewing from the front. Left or Right side is not the same as left or right handed. Please remember this when placing your order.

  • GOTOH GB11W Bass Tuning Machines
  • Sold in individually for custom configurations
  • Vintage style tuners
  • Open back diecast constructed tuning machine
  • Large Cloverleaf (elephant ear) tuning keys
  • 1:20 gear ratio
  • Weight - 2.77oz (78.6 grams) each
  • Includes mounting screws and bushing

The GB11W is part of GOTOH's Regular series of bass tuning machines heads. GOTOH only makes the highest quality bass tuning machines and available in many different mounting dimensions. Please make sure to check the dimensions before placing your order.

This listing is for individual tuning machines. Tuning machines are also available in preconfigured sets in another listing.