Wide Range Humbucker Pickup Cover - Jet Black Nickel

Wide Range Humbucker Pickup Cover 3x3 "Jet Black Nickel" plated 54mm

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  • Wide Range pickup cover
  • Made in USA
  • "Jet Black Nickel*" plated nickel-silver cover. Not all humbucker covers are made of nickel-silver. Pickup covers made of nickel silver are the most transparent sounding.
  • These have a 2 1/8" (54mm) pole spacing
  • Overall dimensions are 3.125" x 1.75" x .64" (79.5mm x 44.4mm x 16.3mm)
  • Please verify all measurement before placing your order
  • Qty 1 pickup cover

Please Note:

These are being sold to pickup makers that a capable of fabricating their own parts. We currently don't sell bobbins, refector plate or threaded magnetic pole screws to make a wide range pickup.

*Black nickel plating can ranging from a dark “jet-black” to a light “charcoal gray” finish. The characteristics and appearance of black nickel plating is a function of the basis material and/or underplating that is plated prior to the black nickel topcoat.